Meet Brittney

Brittney Power

At the young age of 14 I had to endure what no teenager should, the death of my father due to a heart attack. Anyone could imagine my life would never be the same. After high school I met a boy in the Army, fell in love and got engaged, then shortly after we were deployed to Iraq. Two months later he was killed by an IED, all of this before reaching my 22th birthday. As the years went on I occupied most of my emotional space by caring for my mother and her battle with Alzheimer’s disease, up until the day she died.

Two divorces and three children later I started to question who I was.

Why does pain and hardship keep happening to me?

I came to realize what most people would never fathom. All these life experiences were blessings in disguise. We are only on this earth for a short time, some shorter than others. This alone has taught me to understand the true value of life and love. We can choose to wallow in our sorrows or we can learn from these hardships and create beauty within them. My goal for this blog is to share my stories of heart break, love, and loss so that I may inspire hope. Inspire hope for those ready to give up; give someone, someday the inspiration to keep fighting. If I can save just one person from giving up I think I can die a happy person.

I have three beautiful children that I’m raising to be their own people. I live every day to pass on my parent’s legacy to them and possibly even to you. I was recently diagnosed with an autoimmune disease and as I write to you I am still fighting but I know that the circle of life is always stronger than a broken heart. There is nothing in this world we can’t overcome, together.

My name is Brittney Power, and I would like to inspire my readers to unleash the power they have within themselves. The POWER to simply BE. 

Love, light and equality to all.